“Our Bakery”

Sara McMonigle
Sara McMonigle

There’s Nothing Like Fresh Baked Bread

As you travel through your Fairway Market, you may come across a delightful, irresistible aroma. It’s the smell of fresh-baked breads, bagels, and baguettes. Just like at a European marketplace, these were hand-crafted to perfection by our talented bakers, each with care and skillful attention.


Our breads, bagels, and baguettes are not par-baked like at so many other stores – we would never dream of it! When you toss that baguette into your basket, or wrap up those bagels, they are straight from a cooling rack fresh out of the oven baked on premises. They may even still be warm. Our bagels are known for being among the best in New York City – we might as well say they are among the best in the world. Our perfect, crusty baguettes inspire. A good meal demands good bread, and from semolina to multigrain, from brioche to ciabatta and beyond, we have you covered.


Here’s something else you won’t want to roll past: Fairway baked-fresh pies. From three-berry to apple to pumpkin, they’re like homemade but without all the work for you. Check out our adorable and delicious whoopee pies, our intensely chocolaty brownies, our legendary New York cheesecake, our festive cupcakes, cakes for every occasion, and so much more. Let no sweet tooth go unsatisfied!
Baguette Perfection Baguette Perfection
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