“Our Coffee Shop”

Benny Lanfranco
Benny Lanfranco


When you come into Fairway Market, you see rows and rows of wonderful barrels filled to the brim with all shades of shiny, smooth, brown beans. How do they get there? Hint: it’s a labor of love! It starts with the beans…which start with the farmers, their families, and just-right soil, weather, and rain needed to nurture what will eventually become a perfect cup of coffee.


Benny Lanfranco is the man at the helm of our renowned coffee department. Benny has been with the Fairway family since 2005, but he has been part of a coffee family practically his whole life. Benny grew up in Queens and the Dominican Republic–so he is a New York guy with a passion for incredible coffee. When Benny was 13 years old, he started working on his neighbor’s coffee farm in the Dominican Republic. He quickly became fascinated with the process, and coffee became his passion.

It Starts with Great Beans

Benny and his team put our coffee beans to the test – the goal is always great-tasting coffee in your cup. The number one rule: our beans are treated with respect and care. All of our coffees are 100% Arabica beans. We buy directly from small farms and estates that we have personal connections with, because we know they feel the same devotion to coffee that we do. We offer many varieties of Fair Trade and organic coffee. Our decaffeinated coffee is water-processed, not chemically processed, which protects the flavor of our very special beans that have gone through so much simply to make you happy.

Masterfully Roasted

Recall the smell of a roasted coffee bean. Close your eyes and think of how delightful it is. Now imagine you have access to a roaster, worth the price of a Ferrari no less, at your disposal, a roaster that is operated by master roasters to offer you nearly 100 varieties of coffee, including 50 different flavors every day. Open your eyes – you don’t have to imagine it anymore. We have it, and it’s all for you. We’re happy to grind your coffee for any machine. The taste will be an experience from which you will never be able to go back.
Coffee Roasting, Mastered Coffee Roasting, Mastered
Our Coffee Selection: Awesome Our Coffee Selection: Awesome
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