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Burhan Omar
Burhan Omar
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Your Fairway Deli and Appetizing counter is unlike any other you’ve come across in a very long while. We are a classic New York deli, and beyond: you will find our famous house-smoked salmon, the finest charcuterie from around the world, Chef Mitchel London's beloved crab cakes, Provençal veggies, our own local roast turkey, mashed potatoes, tuna salad, pasta salad, herring, knishes, potato latkes, whole rotisserie chicken with our secret seasoning, homemade soups, chili, quiche...and the list goes on and on. “Appetizing” is an incredible food tradition local to New York. The word “appetizer” is derived from the Latin “appete,” meaning "to desire, covet, or long for.” This is craft at its best--the kind of food you long for.


Every Fairway Deli has a talented chef, overseeing a team of cooks who prepare classics and beyond with fresh, high quality Fairway ingredients, every day, all day. From coleslaw to roast branzino; from arugula, eggplant and pine nut-studded fusilli to roasted red pepper & smoked gouda bisque--eat very, very well at the Fairway deli.

Your Smoked Fish and Charcuterie HQ

smoked_salmonAt Fairway, we are smoked salmon maestros, coaxing symphonies of flavors from the highest quality salmon. Our beloved house smoked salmon is lovingly cured, gently cold-smoked over cherry wood, hand-sliced gossamer-thin, and unmatched in its perfection. That’s just the start. Choose from nova, lox, sable, whitefish, sturgeon, and more. And let us dazzle you with Fairway’s own roast beef, Prosciutto di Parma, La Quercia Organic Prosciutto, Iberico Ham, Serrano Ham, Fra’ Mani salami, and so, so much more. You’ll have a heck of a time deciding what to take home. And we don’t feel the least bit sorry for you.
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