“Our Dried Fruits & Nuts”

Dried Fruits & Nuts


Fairway’s own Dried Fruits and Nuts department goes way beyond fruits and nuts, and is a labor of love for Avanelle Rivera. She sources the best dried fruits exclusive to Fairway from France, the largest top-grade almonds from Spain, bulk chocolate, over 20 types, from Belgium, Venezuela, and Ecuador for baking or cravings, Garbanzo beans from Spain, unprocessed Black Barley from Montana, Gooseberries from Columbia, over 30 varieties of trail mixes to die for, and granolas that will intensely satisfy for breakfast. When you compare Fairway almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, and more, it's easy to see why Fairway is far and away the best choice. It's the same with our dried figs, apricots, and raisins. Ours are simply BETTER QUALITY. We offer only the highest quality dried nuts and fruits. We refuse to stock nuts and dried fruit of lesser quality and commensurately lower price. That's just not Fairway.

Eat More Nuts! Your Heart Will Thank You!

We know nuts are a tasty snack...they're also superfoods! Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts — you name it — almost every type of nut is a nutrition powerhouse, packed into a little, snack-able package. They are full of heart-healthy unsaturated fats that lower bad cholesterol levels; omega-3 fatty acids that protect you from heart attacks; super-healthy, filling fiber; Vitamin E that may help halt the development of plaque in your arteries; and l-arginine, which may help improve the health and strength of your artery walls. That's a lot for one little nut. Go nuts!

Candyland at Fairway

There are treasures here you didn’t know existed, stuff you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. We say CANDY IS DANDY. If you’ve never enjoyed Fairway’s dark chocolate almonds, dark chocolate malted milk balls, sea-salted caramels and almond brittle, well …… what are you waiting for?


The French make beautiful soft-dried fruit. It starts with their brilliant PRUNEAUX D'AGEN, the world's greatest prune (which Fairway has ALWAYS imported direct). These prunes are grown and dried in Southwest France for 200 years. And now their leading orchard and drier has given the same SOFT-DRYING treatment to French apricots, French figs, French melon and on and on, and the result is the perfect accompaniment to all great cheeses and charcuterie, to all great stuffings, stews, daubes and fruit salads. ONLY AT FAIRWAY can you be exposed to the great soft-dried fruits from the growers of the 'ente'-variety dried plums known as pruneaux d'Agen, Enjoy!
We’re Nuts for Nuts We’re Nuts for Nuts
Kids in A Candy Shop! Kids in A Candy Shop!
Gourmet Dried Fruits Gourmet Dried Fruits