“Our Fairway Label”

Lori Levy
Lori Levy
Fairway Label

If Fairway'S OWN BRAND is on the label, you’re in for a treat

Everything that comes out of the Fairway kitchens and into yours is either a Fairway original recipe or something we cannot live without. It truly reflects what our company is all about: quality, selection and value. We don't do things because everyone else does, or just to make a quick buck. We put our label on foods we swear by and stock at home. And we're incredibly picky. We nurture close relationships with our producers, from the Italian families who make our blissful balsamic, olive growers in Mexico, Australia, France, Portugal who craft our world-renowned barrel oils, or the Lancaster family farmers who supply our organic milk and eggs. Fairway food means incredible food.

FAIRWAY Olive oil, and much, much more

At Fairway, we’re olive oil geniuses. We’ve travelled the world and brought you back the very best oils from small family growers and millers who have been perfecting their craft for generations. These olive oils are shipped directly to Fairway in 200-liter barrels; we bottle and label them. The result: fresher, tastier oil than anywhere, at wonderful prices. We've made it our life's work to go to tiny towns in Portugal, in France, in Sicily, the kinds of off-the-beaten-path places most would never bother to explore, so that you don't have to go anywhere besides your Fairway for exquisite and highly tasty finds.


You’ll find Fairway pure, all-natural honey, organic maple syrup, organic fruit jams, handcrafted small-batch chocolates from Vermont, chocolaty hazelnut spread, every spice you can imagine, olive, artichoke and sundried tomato pastes, real-deal pasta straight from Puglia, chunky salsa…and that’s just the start. Taste the best foods the world has to offer.
Fairways All-Natural Honey Fairways All-Natural Honey
Fairway Pasta Sauce, Like No Other Fairway Pasta Sauce, Like No Other
Life Is Short, Eat More Chocolate! Life Is Short, Eat More Chocolate!