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Rebecca Martin
Rebecca Martin
Food Expert
Kosher Foods

Fairway kosher is a food lover’s paradise

We’ve long been one of the tri-state metropolitan area’s – and, indeed, the country’s – largest purveyors of food that is not only kosher, but it is absolutely delicious. Under the supervision of KOF-K and Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein, Director of Mehadrin Kashrus, Fairway offers thousands of kosher items, from meat, poultry, cheese and bakery items to coffees, teas and traditional packaged goods, and specialty products.

Our Goal: Make You Happy

Moshe Morrison, our Director of Kosher Foods, always wants to exceed your expectations, and he knows how. He grew up in the food business with a mother who was a chef and a father who works in hashgacha, supervising kosher foods. Moshe has owned and operated kosher restaurants, worked in merchandising for a kosher distributor, and has been a part of the Fairway family since 2010.


It’s important to us that our kosher customers enjoy the best foods we have to offer. From organics to gluten-free finds, from premium smoked salmon to a dazzling array of spices, from our custom-cut Glatt Kosher meat to Italy’s finest balsamic vinegars to the world’s most amazing cheeses, we have it all. And it’s all impeccably fresh, of the ultimate quality, and brought to you with utmost attention to detail, love, and care.


Our kosher caterers are experts at making your party, celebration, or event really special and unquestionably tasty. What's cooking in our kosher kitchen? Your favorite classics and original recipes--seriously good food prepared from scratch, on premises, with lots of care. All this happens under the internationally recognized supervision of the Kof-K, and we always have full-time mashgiachim temidyim present in our kitchens. Food is love...let us cook you and yours something wonderful!
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