“Our Produce Market”

Anthony Romano
Anthony Romano

Fruits and Veggies Are the Heart of Fairway!

When you walk into your Fairway Market, you’ll be welcomed by fruits and vegetables galore, stacked in gorgeous rainbow-colored, awe-inspiring towers. We’ve come a long way from our beginning as a fruit and vegetable stand on the corner, but top quality produce is still our priority. We are rooted with values of supporting local growers, and providing the freshest and the best selection possible. We buy direct, we buy local-grown, and we also source from all over the world to bring you everything from seasonal, local apples to hard-to-find exotic fruits. When you choose Fairway for your fruits and vegetables, you’ve chosen the freshest, the tastiest, and the best.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The director of our produce operation, Peter Romano, has been working with produce since the ripe old age of 6, picking grapes and stone fruit on his family’s farm just outside of Palermo, Italy. The lessons he learned – how to recognize and handle the highest quality produce – are the methods by which he has grown Fairway’s produce department into the wonder that it is today. It has been said that Peter has fruit running through his veins. Though we have never been able to confirm this medically, we absolutely believe it.

Locally Grown Food and More

Peter and his team, which includes his son Anthony, meet the delivery trucks every single day at 5 a.m. They also spend a lot of time on local farms…Fairway sources and purchases fruits and vegetables straight from the GROWER. These growers send their produce directly from the fields, groves, orchards and hothouses to our stores.  This makes Fairway’s fruits and vegetables days fresher than produce at other supermarkets. How can you tell? Taste the difference.
Broccoli Broccoli
Fresh Tomatoes Fresh Tomatoes
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