“Our Seafood Counter”

Keith Bertrum
Keith Bertrum

At Fairway Market, We Know Fresh Fish!

Our seafood department is an area where we really stand out from the rest. We only have the highest standards for selecting our seafood – it has to be the freshest, it has to be the tastiest, it has to be the best of the best.

Passion for Fresh

Dennis is Fairway Market's Vice President of Meat and Seafood Operations, which means he's the man behind our fresh-as-it-gets seafood department. "We're all focused on a common goal: to do the right thing for the customer," Dennis says. The right thing means that Dennis and his team are at the dock before the crack of dawn each day. The fish we select are never warehoused – they go straight from the sea, to the boat, to ice, to our stores, to YOU.


Dennis’s philosophy? "To provide outstanding variety and service, always." Each seafood team member is treated like an apprentice, learning directly from our experts how to clean and fillet fish; how to handle each piece; what to look for in a quality fresh fish. Need guidance? Just ask our savvy men and women behind the seafood counter.

Mother Nature Is Boss, And We Respect Her

We know that there are different ways to catch a fish; drag net or hook and line for example. We know that a truly fresh fish should never smell like fish, it should smell like the sea. We know that putting 1,000 miles on your truck per week to get to the docks is just part of the job. We know that a day off means the fish will be less fresh, so we don’t take any days off. We know that the fishing industry is unique – supply relies on Mother Nature’s temperament, so we know how to plan ahead, and we will never compromise freshness for convenient availability. It is because we know these things that your fish will always taste the best and be the best for you.


We receive most of our fish whole and fillet it in our stores. We offer 50-80 different species of fresh fish and seafood in each store every day, over 75% of which are wild, and your choices of the day are based on what met our strict standards. If it’s frozen seafood you are after, rest assured that we have paid attention to the origin of the product, checking the weather of where it came from and keeping up on any advisories about the area.
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