“Our Specialty Products”

Steve Jenkins
Steve Jenkins
Specialty Products

Food Shopping Should Never Be A Ho-Hum Chore

“Specialty” means all the wonderful stuff we offer that you can’t find in an ordinary supermarket. Much of it is imported, and some of it is even made right here in the U.S. Most important is the fact that many of the European foodstuffs that we carry are exclusive to Fairway Market. We import the best of the best, directly, from over 100 producers in Europe. We have a particular passion for our exclusives. They’re the reason we’re in the newspapers and magazines all the time, and of utmost importance to the best chefs and most passionate foodies. You will love them.


If we were to list all the foodstuffs we pioneered over the years here at Fairway it would require a great deal more time and space than we have here.  Cheeses?  Too many to even start thinking about.  Olive oils?  Ditto… Real Andalucian gazpacho.  Badoit mineral water.  Alsatian spaetzle.  Provencale tapenade.  Iberico ham.  Brittany fleur de sel and ‘sel gris’ (sea salt from the Guerande).  Banyuls vinegar and Pineau Des Charentes vinegar.  A.O.C. Perigord walnuts.  We could write a book.


Every single week of the year we consolidate pallets of all kinds of exciting foodstuffs at international seaports like Le Havre, Genoa, Algeciras and Barcelona where they are loaded onto container ships. We are constantly waiting impatiently for these ships to dock at Port Elizabeth, NJ so we can get our latest passion on our shelves where it is then destined to become your infatuation. The beauty of it all is that since Fairway is the importer, nobody exists between us and the maker of the product. The grocery business is a business of middlemen--suppliers who sell to suppliers...who eventually sell to your store. NOT AT FAIRWAY! Great food straight from the grower and craftspeople. You get better food and big savings.

Bring Home Food You Love

Once you get the must-haves, be sure to get the stuff that will truly make you happy. When you shop at Fairway, the best tastes in the world, still produced in small batches with the finest ingredients by true artisans and craftspeople, are at your fingertips. You become obsessed with endless possibilities. You become addicted to knowing more, just as we are. You explore. Come and see what the world has to offer, and it’s all under one roof at Fairway Market.
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