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Aromatica Zaffy Saffron Pistils

Aromatica Zaffy Saffron Pistils
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With its purple petals and three red-orange stigmas, only a bloom as beautiful as the saffron crocus flower could produce such a precious seasoning that used to make treasured dishes like French bouillabaisse, Spanish paella, and risotto alla Milanese. While each saffron thread holds an abundance of color and fragrance, it takes an incredible number of 4,000 flowers to make just one ounce of this spice. When the stigmas are dried, they reveal how only nature can put together a substance as perfect as this -- the deeper the threads' color, the stronger the aroma, and this saffron, produced by Sidoni family since 1937, is as fire red as the sun. To release their enchanting aroma and egg yolk-colored tint, saffron threads should be steeped in alcohol, or a hot or acidic liquid.