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Buon Appetito! Grande

Buon Appetito! Grande
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For a large Italian appetite you must try the Buon Appetito! We're endlessly smitten and inspired by the culinary treasure-trove from Italy, and this basket is overflowing with Italian goodies. From peppery, almondy Umbrian olive oil, to life-changing Lambrusco vinegar, to real balsamic from Modena, the birthplace of balsamic, to a pure, heady pesto, and so much more! You're on your way to creating real culinary magic.

What's Inside:

Fairway's Artisanal Pasta (Maccheroni & Girelle), Fairway Lambrusco Vinegar, Fairway Trevi Umbria, Fairway Pasta Sauce - Spaghetti, Fairway Sweet Roasted Peppers, Fairway Pesto Sauce, Fairway Artichoke Hearts, Fairway Italian Seasoning, Fairway Italian Roast Coffee, Fairway Wood Serving Board with 2 bowls