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Este Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Este Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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In Camaiore, Italy, in the Lucca province in Tuscany, lies a terraced olive grove that sits on a mountain with a 45-degree incline. It's an area nestled between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the mountain tops of the Apuan Alps. Surrounded by hills, the spot is the definition of extreme beauty. The area is even known as "The Valley of the Lights," so named for the sparkling reflection of the undersides of the olive-tree leaves outside Lucca. So it's easy to see how the Italian-American Battaglia brothers, Matthew and Luke, were captivated by this place, too, and chose to live the dream here more than 10 years ago by putting down roots in their ancestral home to begin producing olive oil. Wouldn't you? But what these determined olive oil producers will tell you is that it wasn't all "La Dolce Vita" or "The Sweet Life." Difficult to care for, the land is rocky and steep, and in their early days of managing the groves, the brothers actually had to haul fertilizer bags on their shoulders, since a tractor couldn't make it up the terraced landscape. (Donkeys pitched in, too, to keep the land well trimmed.) But they persevered in this labor of love -- always keeping their olive trees well pruned for maximum, consistent flavor -- to bring you Este Olive Oil, an unfiltered extra virgin olive oil that's all at once complex, intense, and robust, yet with a light texture, is also peppery, creamy, and buttery.