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Fairway Pasta Sauce - Pizza

Fairway Pasta Sauce - Pizza
32 OZ
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We made a pizza sauce that will have you shunning parlors and tossing your own scrumptious creation into the oven. Only fresh, all-natural ingredients go into this rich and redolent sauce so you can have fresh, homemade pizza that tastes like it was made from scratch. We simmer vine-ripe tomatoes with fresh, zesty spices, and vibrant herbs to produce a fragrant and luscious tomato sauce you'll want to use on more than just pizza. You can pour this on pasta or grilled chicken and fish. Try baking it with chicken or mixing it into meatloaf. Don't have time to whip up a pizza? Slather this on French bread and top with mozzarella; a few minutes in the toaster oven will have your quick and easy dinner ready.