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Fairway Spice It Up - Small

Fairway Spice It Up - Small
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At Fairway, we take our spices very seriously. And so we source our spices from the same purveyor that supplies professional chefs. This set is the perfect gift for the amateur chef in your life, a housewarming, or a host/hostess. Sprinkle some Sweet Hungarian Paprika to season soups, stews, and meat dishes and to add a beautiful pop of color on deviled eggs or in potato salad. Use Allspice in jerked chicken, curries, soups, and stews. We also love it in sweet baked goods or sprinkled into jams and fruit pies. You get the picture. Each set contains 8 spices and is nicely packaged in a kraft gift box with raffia ribbon.

What's Inside:

Fairway Ground Allspice, Fairway Ground Cinnamon, Fairway Ground Cumin, Fairway Peppercorn Grinder, Fairway Oregano, Fairway Rosemary, Fairway Sweet Hungarian Paprika, Fairway Ground Thyme