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La Trinquelinette Apricot Jam

La Trinquelinette Apricot Jam
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La Trinquelinette jams have been called life-changing, and not just by us. Made from plump, fresh apricots, picked when ripe and sweet with just a touch of tang, this jam is truly a revelation. Boasting a vivacious, high-concentrated fruit flavor, it's no wonder why this is the jam that Parisians prefer at home and is served in coffee houses all over the city. Made in small batches in the Trinquelin village west of Burgundy, this vibrant pot is uniquely flavorful because it has the highest ratio of real apricot to sugar that we've ever seen. This jam isn't too refined to spread on a peanut butter or cream cheese sandwich, or glob onto pancakes, but you can also use this jam as a glaze for ham, poultry, or pork chops; make shortbread thumbprint cookies or smear it between cake layers.