Fairway Community Partners

The more you shop the more you earn for your school.

Community Partners

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Fairway Market Community Partners program by teaming up with local schools on their fundraising efforts.

By participating in Community Partners, every dollar you spend at Fairway Market, 3% and more in cash of total purchases will be donated back to your school’s PTA fund.

Bring the power of shopping Fairway to your school by making a difference every time you shop!

Community Partners FAQ’s

  • What is the Community Partners™ program?

    Fairway Market’s Community Partners™ program is a way to work with local schools on fundraising efforts. Once the school and its PTA enroll in the Community Partners™ program, the PTA will receive customized Community Partners™ shopping cards & key tags. Each time school supporters shop and scan their key tags, Fairway will tally the shopping spend and will make a quarterly donation to the school based on the total amount its supporters spent that quarter.

  • Are we required to provide any documentation when applying?

    Before we can approve a PTA and school, we must receive a completed donation application and copies of both organizations’ tax determination letters, e.g. IRS 501(c)3. Public schools must send us a copy of their IRS W-9 form.

  • How long does it take to receive key tags?

    Once a school submits its application and supporting documents, you will receive the Community Partners™ shopping cards within two (2) weeks. You will also receive sample emails to distribute to your school’s community promoting the program, as well as content for use on the school’s and organization's website.

  • Is there a cost for the Community Partners™ Cards?

    There is no cost to the organization for the Community Partner™ key tags ordered.

  • Is there a limit to the number of key tags we can order?

    We ask that you limit your key tags order to only the number of key tags that you are planning to distribute upon enrollment of the program.

  • Can we order additional key tags?

    Yes, you may order additional key tags as needed by emailing communitypartners@fairwaymarket.com.

  • How often are checks distributed?

    Contributions are distributed quarterly, approximately one month after the quarter ends.

  • Can my organization receive its check by direct deposit?

    No, Fairway’s contribution will be mailed directly to the school’s designated contact at the official address we have on record.

  • What is the minimum check issued and how long will it take for my organization to earn a contribution?

    There minimum contribution amount is $3 - that’s 3% of $100 over 3 months. Contributions are earned each quarter over the three-month period.

  • Will I have to re-enroll my organization every year?

    Yes. We ask that at the end of the school year, you confirm participation for the next school year by reenrolling via email to communitypartners@fairwaymarket.com.

  • Can I use the Community Partners™ key tags at any Fairway Market store?

    Fairway Market’s Community Partners™ is supported by Fairway Market stores and the Community Partners™ key tags can be scanned at all Fairway locations.

  • Does Fairway supply promotional materials?

    Once you are enrolled in the program, you will receive an email with various promotional materials and links to obtain posters and handouts.

  • If I forget to scan my key tag at checkout, can the purchases be retroactively credited?

    Unfortunately, unless the key tag is scanned at the time of purchase we are not able to give credit for the transaction.

  • How can I update our contact information?

    This information can be updated by contacting communitypartners@fairwaymarket.com.