Fairway’s Green Commitment

We're on a mission to do our part and inspire others

Innovation, high quality, and loyalty to doing good, are standards we have not just in our food.

When Fairway started as a produce stand in Manhattan’s Upper West Side in the 1930s, green was just one of the colors of the fruits and vegetables we had for sale. As we celebrate nearly 80 years in the business, green has come to take on a whole new meaning. Today, we at Fairway know that a healthy Earth makes for healthy food. We want to be responsive to not just our customers and our employees, but to the environment that we all share – the environment that provides the very basis for our business.

Smarter Networks: Fairway Market and Freshness

By instilling and supporting sustainable environmental practices as a corporate value, we at Fairway are taking the steps that will help lessen our ecological footprint and will help to ensure that the Earth is around long enough for everyone on it to experience why we’re really “Like No Other Market”®. Here are some of the steps that we’ve taken:

Using Technology to Conserve Energy and Reduce Waste

We are constantly assessing ways to reduce our carbon footprint by using Energy Star® qualified fixtures and equipment. We have upgraded our point of sale systems at all store locations to a more energy efficient system designed with environmentally preferred materials and finishes. Our Red Hook store relies almost entirely on a cogeneration plant to power its operations, which we believe reduces our fossil fuel emissions. The lighting fixtures in our stores are all energy efficient – we have upgraded the ones in existing stores, and are outfitting new stores with lights using electronic ballasts and LED technology. The heat generated by the operation of our refrigeration and freezer units is reclaimed to heat the store aisles and hot water. Fairway Market Stamford is located in a LEED certified building.

Reducing Food Waste

We are working on using new technology to reduce food waste (although it’s always a shame to waste any bit of our great tasting creations). We currently use the Eco-Safe Digester as part of our green commitment to eliminate the hauling of solids to the landfill. We also recycle our used cooking oils and the fat that is trimmed off of our famous chopped meat. We cut and grind all of the meat in our stores ourselves, which means you get the freshest and most flavorful meat possible, and most of what’s left gets recycled. Fairway is also proud of its partnerships with local agencies, such as City Harvest, Red Hook Community Services and others to help feed those in need in the communities that we serve.

Recycling at Fairway Market

We have embarked on a recycling initiative that covers a variety of recyclables, such as paper, cardboard, metal, plastics, wooden pallets and other materials. Virtually all products shipped to us are shipped in 100% recyclable corrugated materials, and we stack nearly all of our products on 100% recycled pallets. True to the Fairway style, we’re eager to put some bite behind our efforts to “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. Partnerships with local businesses and agencies will also help us reach this goal.

Organic Products and Green Lifestyle

We encourage every Fairway employee and shopper to embrace a more Earth friendly lifestyle by offering a variety of organic and planet friendly products, subsidizing reusable shopping bags for sale at low costs, and actively seeking out new products that reflect our commitment to green practices. Check out our growing selection of value-priced organic and natural foods, health and beauty aids, and household cleaning supplies as we believe it’s the best in the business. Once you do, tell us what you think.

Customer and Employee Safety

As part of our focus on environmental and safety issues, all of our stores and facilities use, at least in part, cleaning and maintenance supplies that are DfE (“Designed for the Environment”) certified. We purchase them in concentrated form which reduces packaging waste. From kitchen surfaces to sliding doors, Fairway is committed to offering a hygienic and environmentally responsible environment in all of our stores. We are working daily on these and other green initiatives, and hope that our eco-friendly business actions will be another one of the many reasons you choose to shop at Fairway -“Like No Other Market”®.

We are working daily on these and other green initiatives, and hope that our eco-friendly business actions will be another one of the many reasons you choose to shop at Fairway -“Like No Other Market”®.