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Tofutti Sour Cream, 12 Ounce, $3.19

Non Hydrogenated. No milk, no cholesterol, no lactose, no butterfat.

Tofutti Sour Cream, 12 Ounce
Tofutti Sour Cream, 12 OunceOpen product description

Kite Hill Sour Cream, 8 Ounce, $5.29

Kite Hill was founded by an artisan chef, and you can tell with every satisfying dollop. Our silky Plant-Based Sour Cream alternative is perfectly balanced to use in recipes or as a topping for sweet and savory dishes. Eating plant-based foods feels great and the taste is irresistible.

Kite Hill Sour Cream, 8 Ounce
Kite Hill Sour Cream, 8 OunceOpen product description

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